(I do not know everything about this, but it is similar to Hillary’s email scandal. Too bad that it may not influence the French election, seeing as how the timing was horrible.)

Yesterday, emails belonging to French presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron, and his staffers dating back from some time and all the way to (I believe) April 17th of this year, were released to the public on an anonymous document sharing site called Pastebin (according to Reuters) and the link posted on 4chan. Wikileaks has gone through the documents and says that so far they are real; not fabrications or faked.

Although people are still going through these emails and translating them, some pretty damning stuff have been revealed.

Reportedly, staffers were tasked to buy 3-MMC designer drugs for Macron using Bitcoin. It also reveals that Macron may be working with protest groups and police to create discord and tilt the election in his favor, which if true, could possibly be treason in France. He’s also scheming with insiders and planning to fire many “En Marche!” if he wins the election.

A few days earlier, banking statements belonging to Macron have been published since, revealing that he has money on offshore accounts.

His campaign has confirmed that they have been “hacked” by, of course, Russian agents. No surprise there. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an ex-Macron staffer, or staffer who changed loyalties who had all the emails and decided to post them on the internet.

I’m quite ill-informed on this subject, and this is the basis for all I know, but Macron just had his Hillary Clinton moment. And just like here, the French government is trying to keep it all hush hush, telling the media to not report on it whatsoever. I understand that French election laws don’t allow for media to report on anything that could influence the election, but to flat out not report it?

However, since many of us who are reporting on it are outside of France, their laws don’t apply to us. We must keep writing and posting about it, informing the French public about how corrupt Macron is. It may not be too late to stop this, but we need to be loud.

Macron is the worst person that France could elect to lead them. If these allegations coming from his and staffers emails are true, then France would make a huge mistake electing him. He’s no better than Obama was to the U.S., and he would be just as much as an embarrassment to France on the world stage.

Everything about Macron is just disturbing to me to say the least, but what else do you expect from an insider?

Le Pen is far better, even if I disagree with her on a few things. However, she is definitely not “far-right” as many in the MSM worldwide call her. She is, by U.S. definition, center-left. But anyone who dares say that we should control our borders and stop letting in all these migrants who don’t want to assimilate, is instantly labeled far-right, when they aren’t. Especially in the EU, when not only do you want to control your borders, but declare that (European country, in this case France) leave the European Union.

And, quite frankly, she is more of a “man” than Macron will ever be.


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